LADY AT THE BAT: Break Up The Rays!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Break Up The Rays!

Back in November the Tampa Bay Devil Rays changed their name to the Tampa Bay Rays. They unveilled a new logo and introduced new uniforms in a nice little fashion show. At the time, I laughed at these developments, and proclaimed them useless; Tampa Bay still stank.

Boy, do I look bad now! As I write this the Tampa Bay Rays are 22-16, the highest they've been over .500 in franchise history. More importantly, they are only 1/2 game out of first place and it's almost the middle of May. The Rays are a solid team, almost from top to bottom, with great pitching, defense and a ton of speed. They haven't lost a home game since mid-April. Their latest win was a 7-1 rout of the Yankees last night.

The Yankees will try to bounce back during the remainder of this four game series and, thanks to a rain-out in Detroit on Sunday, they'll be able to shuffle their rotation around for their best chance to win. The biggest name to come out of that re-shuffle is Ian Kennedy. He'll pitch the final game of the Rays series on Thursday. Kei Igawa, who was scheduled to pitch in the series, has been tossed to the side and I couldn't be happier. I don't know what the Yankees plan on doing with this $46 million bust, but as long as he doesn't pitch for them anymore I'll be happy.

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