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Friday, May 9, 2008

Cano's Smooth Take

Yankees Second Baseman Robinson Cano's early season hitting woes have been well-documented lately. As I write this he is batting only .172 and, until yesterday, looked lost at the plate.

Cano got 2 hits during yesterday's game against the Indians. The first one was in the fifth inning, a double down the right line. He scored what proved to be the winning run later in that frame. When he came up to the plate in the seventh, YES analyst and former Yankee catcher John Flaherty (pictured above) commented on how Cano was handling the at-bat:

"Robinson Cano took the first pitch from [Paul] Byrd in this at-bat, and it was probably the smoothest take that I have seen him have in a long time. That tells me he's kind of getting comfortable now. Look for good things to happen if he can take pitches like that." []

Cano sent the very next pitch from Byrd into the right-field seats.

John Flaherty has been criticized a lot for sounding too dull. I agree, but if he sprinkles in gems like this one every once in a while, I can more than live with it.

As for Cano, let's hope he continues to be a smooth operator in his future at-bats this season.

The Lady

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P-Cat said...

Flaherty catches a lot of flak for dull, maybe, but he's insightful. He's a catcher, and knows the games and offers up Actual Points about the game. I'd take that over the usual silliness and No-Duh points offered up by most "analysts." (Tim McCarver, I'm looking at you.)