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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Giambi's Thong Song

If you haven't heard the news, here it is: Jason Giambi wears a gold lame thong to get out of hitting slumps. I thought it was a joke, but it appears to be true! It's all exposed in the Daily News, who got it from

To me, the funniest part about this article was that Giambi and several of his teammates admitted that it was all true! Giambi said "It works every time." Derek Jeter complained that "it's so uncomfortable running around the bases." Jeter revealed more: "I had it over my shorts and stuff," he said. "I was 0-for-32 and I hit a homer on the first pitch. That's the only time I've ever worn it." Johnny Damon's also worn it, admitting to wearing the panties "probably three times."

Jorge Posada, on the other hand, had something else to say: "Whoever is on slumps, puts it on. I don't know if it works. I haven't worn it yet." He hasn't worn it yet?

Bobby Abreu, who strikes me as being the most macho Yankee, claimed to know nothing about the thong, but Mark Feinsand and his colleagues who co-wrote the article didn't believe him.

So, what's really going on here? Is it all one big joke? Are these guys just playing along or do they really wear the golden panties? Players have done some really superstitious things over the years, so this isn't really that surprising in the grand scheme of superstition. But it is when it comes to the button-down corporate Yankees. Do you want to know something? I kind of like it! If they're really doing this and they're comfortable enough to admit it, more power to them. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how serious and business-like this team is. They need to change their image, and I think having a gold lame thong superstition is a step in the right direction.

So, boys, keep on doin' it, cuz "...I know you wanna show da na da na that thong thong thong thong thong thong!"[Sisqo]

The Lady

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