LADY AT THE BAT: Lee Sends The Yankees Over A Cliff

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lee Sends The Yankees Over A Cliff

Chien-Ming Wang gave the Yankees another quality start last night. A quality start is defined as pitching 6 or more innings and giving up 3 or fewer runs. Wang did that but the Yankees lost the game because they ran into the buzz saw pictured to the left, Cliff Lee.

I'd barely heard of Lee until a few weeks ago, and when I did hear about him I said I'd believe it when I saw it. So, I saw it and I believe it. Can he keep fooling American League hitters? Time will tell. Good luck, Mr Lee.

In other news: The start another pitcher made last night was of interest to me as well. Barry Zito returned to the Giants rotation last night to face the Pirates. No quality start for him; the Giants lost the game. I still can't believe I thought he'd be the Giants' savior last year. Also, the Twins' Carlos Gomez hit for the cycle last night. Gomez was the key prospect the Twins got back when they traded Johan Santana to the Mets. I found an interesting comparison of Gomez to Jose Reyes over at the blog Mets Brotha.

The Indians play their final regular season game at The Stadium this afternoon. Will they be back in October? Once again, time will tell.

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