LADY AT THE BAT: Mets Just Need To Play Better

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mets Just Need To Play Better

So, Willie Randolph will remain the manager of the New York Mets. For the time being. He's on the shortest of leashes and if his team doesn't starting winning more consistently, he's probably out the door.

The Mets have been under .500 since the middle of last season. They collapsed last September. Jose Reyes no longer knows how to play baseball. Johan Santana has been just an average pitcher so far this season. The clubhouse has been cancerous.

Are any of these things Willie Randolph's fault? The clubhouse problems might be but only partially. It comes down to the players themselves and yesterday, for what I think was the first time in a long time, the players confirmed it. David Wright, Billy Wagner, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado spoke up. The strongest quote came from Carlos Delgado. When asked what he thought about his manager's situation, he said:

“I’ll tell you what I think, we need to play better. This is not about the manager. I’m not in the position to think or not think, they don’t pay me to think. They pay me play baseball."

Amen, Brother Carlos.

The Lady

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