LADY AT THE BAT: Giambi's Home Run Covers Up Another Fine Mess

Friday, June 6, 2008

Giambi's Home Run Covers Up Another Fine Mess

I'd hardly had a chance to enjoy Jason Giambi's pinch-hit walk-off home-run yesterday before the announcers started reminding everyone why he had to do it in the first place:

1) Wang is still wrong: The Yankees swear he's not hurt. It's just that his sinker ball isn't sinking these days. Well, what happened to all those other pitches he was working on in Spring Training and that he appeared to be using earlier in the season? Did he forget how to throw them? I'm totally confused about this.

2) Speed off the bench: In the bottom of the 8th with the Yankees trailing 7-6, Jorge Posada walked. Posada, not a speed demon, was lifted for a pinch runner: Shelley Duncan. Duncan is the fastest person on the Yankee bench. How pathetic. Is Ben Broussard fast? If he is, they'd better get him to the Bronx NOW.

3) Cano can't bunt: Robinson Cano was batting when Duncan came in to pinch run. Cano had been asked to bunt. I'll bet he's never been asked to bunt in his entire career. If anyone is angry with him for not getting the job done, they're crazy. I heard callers on radio talk shows yesterday calling for him to be benched. That's like killing the messenger. Girardi and company need to incorporate more bunting into batting practice. It's as simple as that.

4) Eighth inning relief: Kyle Farnsworth let the first two batters he faced get on and the fans in the Stadium booed him. If I were there I'd have booed him, too. However, the Yankee announcers, Michael Kay and Al Leiter, body-slammed the fans for this. Farnsworth had made good pitches, they said. You can't blame him for doing what he was supposed to do, for throwing the right pitches. What? Are they serious? I know that New York fans are probably the smartest in the game, but this is ridiculous! How in the world is a fan sitting out in the stands supposed to be able to see that Farnsworth is throwing good pitches? I'm far from being a baseball genius, but isn't that asking too much? Am I alone here?

In any case, if the Yankees don't fix these things soon, Yankees Universe will hear fewer and fewer chants of "Yankees Win, theeeeeeeeeee Yankees win." It'll be more like a Laurel & Hardy short, in which Oliver Hardy cries, "Another Fine Mess!"

The Lady

[Photo: Willens/AP]

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