LADY AT THE BAT: MLB Discussing The Maple Bat Issue

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MLB Discussing The Maple Bat Issue

The MLB Safety & Health Advisory Committee met here in New York today via conference call, to discuss the whole maple bat issue. For anyone living under a rock, maple bats have been shattering at an alarming rate, causing injury to coaches, umpires and fans. This was, hopefully, a first step to ending this before more series injuries occur.

Yankee fans know that Johnny Damon's bat explodes into pieces almost every time it makes contact with a pitch. Johnny's a prime example of just how frightening this maple bat thing is, right? Wrong. This season Johnny got rid of all his maple bats and went back to the traditional ash bat. So why does he continue to shatter so many bats? Broadcasters have offered guesses as to why, including suggesting that it happens because he slashs at the ball or that he's pitched inside a lot. Whatever the reason, Johnny Damon probably isn't considered to be a friend of environmentalists, because ash is so rare these days.

I hope MLB doesn't drag its feet on this maple bat issue, waiting until a tragedy occurs before new rules are put into effect. Today's conference call gives me hope that it won't.

The Lady

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