LADY AT THE BAT: Oh, The Trials Of Being A Big League Player!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh, The Trials Of Being A Big League Player!

In Pittsburgh last night, the game between the Pirates and Yankees was delayed by rain after 2.2 innings and, eventually, it was rained out. They'll start again from scratch on July 10th. That'll be the second off-day the team loses, the first being one that'll actually come in September when they make up a game with the Tigers.

Because of today's double-header with the Mets, the Yankees had wanted to play last night's game in the daytime, but the Pirates refused. Also, today's game 1 starter, Dan Giese, was supposed to return to New York yesterday afternoon, but according to Pete Abraham, Giese missed his original flight because he was getting something to eat. He then couldn't get a second flight out of Pittsburgh because of the weather. So he ended up flying back with the team and getting in at some ungodly hour this morning.

As I look out my window now, I see lots of clouds and no sunshine. At some point today there's going to be a huge downpour. Will there be another rainout?

What will the guys do? How will they get through it? This is terrible.

Yeah, right. If anyone feels sorry for these guys they're crazy. When a mediocre pitcher like Shawn Chacon can slam his GM to the ground, be otherwise insubordinate, get released and still collect his Major League salary, it's very difficult to feel sorry for guys in the same union who have to travel in the middle of the night, play a two-stadium double-header the next day using a tired game 1 starter and lose a couple of off-days along the way.

Suck it up guys.

The Lady

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