LADY AT THE BAT: On Gerrit Cole: Yankees Top Draft Pick for 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

On Gerrit Cole: Yankees Top Draft Pick for 2008

Here's the statement from the Yankees on their top draft pick:

“Gerrit [Cole] has a big, strong, projectable body with a high ceiling. He throws a power fastball with sink in the 94-98 range and has also developed a good changeup. He’s a competitor every time he takes the mound, and he pitches with a lot of confidence. We were really pleased with both of our first two selections.”[Lo-Hud Yankees Blog]

Cole was projected to be drafted higher. He wasn't. Why? Because he is a client of Scott Boras. Other teams took a pass on him because they didn't feel they could successfully negotiate with Boras. The Yankees are confident that they can negotiate with him and that they can sign Gerrit Cole.

In the 1991 draft the Yankees had the first overall pick and chose pitcher and Boras "client" Brien Taylor. The word client is relative, since back then, unsigned players were not permitted to have agents. In any case, Boras got Taylor $1.55 million for signing with the Yankees and Taylor never made it to the Major Leagues.

Hopefully the Yankees learned their lesson from that one. Good luck Gerrit.

The Lady

[Photo: Aflac All American Game]

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