LADY AT THE BAT: Jorge Posada Makes A Bad Decision

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jorge Posada Makes A Bad Decision

So Jorge Posada's shoulder has landed him on the DL for the second time, both in his career and in this season. He needs surgery on the shoulder and, the sooner he has it the better. If he has it right away, he'll be able to come back and help the team earlier in the '09 season. If he has it later, there's a chance he won't be on the roster at all in '09.

Well, Posada has opted to put off the surgery, saying he wants to rehab the shoulder and try to come back and help the team this year. Really? Does he really want to help the Yankees? Based on how he behaved a few weeks ago, I'm not so sure.

You know what I'm talking about. The team was in Pittsburgh for that make up game against the Pirates and Posada announed how unhappy he was with the fact that he wasn't catching everyday: "...I am a catcher, not a first baseman or a DH....Everyone knows. I am happy playing but I like to catch.'' Now, Posada is one of the leaders on the Yankee ballclub. In fact, you could say that he is the de facto team captain. From everything we've ever heard about him, he is nothing but a team player. But when he comes out with a statement like this and then reinforces it with a decision to put off surgery, what kind of team player is he being? Not a very good one, in my opinion.

Posada looks stupid right now. First he has a virtual temper tantrum in Pittsburgh, acting like his shoulder was 100% and he had no problems throwing runners out. Now he's admitting that, not only does he have problems throwing runners out, the shoulder is affecting how he swings the bat.

The best thing for Jorge Posada to do is to shut it down completely, right now, and have season-ending surgery. Putting it off will only keep him out of the line-up for a longer period of time, in the long-run. It's that simple.

The Lady

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