LADY AT THE BAT: A Minor League Sunday: SI Yanks @ Brooklyn Cyclones

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Minor League Sunday: SI Yanks @ Brooklyn Cyclones

At the beginning of the decade, minor league baseball came to Brooklyn and Staten Island with the creation of two teams: the Class A Brooklyn Cyclones, part of the Mets organization, and the Class A Staten Island Yankees. Ever since then I've been meaning to go to a game and, on Sunday I finally did. My friend Paula and I saw the two teams play each other at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn.

The Baby Bombers lost the game 7-4, but to me, the score wasn't the main story. They could have lost 70-0 and I wouldn't have cared. No one goes (or should go) to a minor league game just for the game itself. You go to a minor league game for the atmosphere. I loved watching all the between-inning festivities, things like kids inside of huge, plastic bowling balls rolling themselves toward giant bowling pins, mascots dancing on top of dugouts, free tee-shirts being thrown into the crowd, condiment races down the left field line and birthday announcements galore. I did take pictures of everything and was planning to include them in this post, but unfortunately my camera had other ideas. So you'll just have to trust me on this one. Anyone who's never been to a minor league game should make it their business to go to one. If you're a Yankee fan and live in the tri-state New York area, you have your choice of the SI Yanks or the Trenton Thunder (double A). If you're a fan of another Major League team, go to your team's website and look for the link to their minor league affiliates. But, do it soon, because the seasons for a lot of these teams end before September gets here.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

The Lady

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