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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad Reviews For The Melky & Robbie Show

When Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano began to emerge as part of the future of the staid, button-down corporate Yankees, I probably applauded louder than any other Yankee fan. Cabrera and Cano were two much-needed jolts of youth and energy for the team.

The Melky & Robbie show is now in it's third season. Has it jumped the shark? Cano is a lifetime .300 hitter but is having a subpar year. Many people believe that Cabrera has come down to earth after having played over his head for the last two seasons. The Yankees don't really have answers as to why the two best friends are struggling so much this season, but they're outwardly confident that things will work out.

The message boards and chat rooms are filled with rumors that the two of them are out partying every night. People claim to see them out and about all over New Jersey. (They live in Fort Lee.) I don't think any of this is true; it's just an easy way to explain away the bad seasons they're having. Those actually connected with the team are always talking about how hard the two of them work, often joining Alex Rodriguez in his famous daily workouts.

I'll answer my own question: No, their show has not jumped the shark. These guys are young. Young players struggle. Cabrera and Cano were so good earlier in their careers that we all seemed to get spoiled and forget about that. They're each having the first really bad years of their careers.

People need to cut them some slack and get off their backs.

(aka, The Lady)

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