LADY AT THE BAT: Can The Yankees Find Ways To Get It Done?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can The Yankees Find Ways To Get It Done?

From The Bronx Daily:

“At times, guys are going to shut you down. But it gets to the point where you get tired of always giving a pitcher credit. He pitched a good game, but we’ve got to find ways to get it done.”---Derek Jeter, referring to last night's Twins starter, Glen Perkins. [New York Times]

Can they? The Yankees have been consistently inconsistent all season, winning a few, then losing a few, getting runners on base, then failing to get them in, pitching well one night, then not pitching the next. This is the definition of a .500 team, and .500 teams do not make the playoffs.

Last week in Texas, the Yankees split a four game series with the Rangers. It was the fifth time this season that they came back and split a four game series after losing the first two. On the surface, this makes the Yankees look like a pretty resilient bunch. But, to me, when I look at it more closely, it just makes them look like a .500 team.

The season is heading into the home stretch. There's not too much time left for Jeter and Company to find ways to get it done.

(aka, The Lady)

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