LADY AT THE BAT: High & Tight With "Jimmy Scott"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

High & Tight With "Jimmy Scott"

What happens when a Big League pitcher goes on the decline? What goes through his mind as his career draws to a close? How does he prepare for the rest of his life? Have you ever wanted to know exactly what a pitcher goes through at that critical stage in his career? If you do, you're in luck, because "Jimmy Scott" is going through this very thing right now and he is documenting each and every moment.

With 330 wins, 4000+ strikeouts, 2 no-hitters, and 3 championships, "Jimmy Scott" seems to be a lock for the Hall Of Fame. That being said, it's still difficult for him to accept that his career is coming to a close. To help himself through this difficult time, "Jimmy Scott" has started a blog and podcast, called Jimmy Scott's High & Tight. Read this blog and listen to the podcast to learn all about the end-of-career angst of "Jimmy Scott." It's really entertaining! One of the things he does to help himself along the road to retirement is interview retired Major Leaguers (and some current ones) as well as the wives of some of them. He also talks about how he's handling this time in his life off the field, doing things like telling people he stopped smoking, even though he never smoked, so that he has an excuse to gain weight.

Unlike other Big League players who seem to look down on baseball fans who blog, "Jimmy Scott" loves the baseball blogosphere and there's a good chance he'll agree to do a link exchange if you ask him to.

So check out Jimmy Scott's High & Tight. You'll definitely like what you see.

(aka, The Lady)

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