LADY AT THE BAT: A Minor League Sunday: Vermont Lake Monsters @ Staten Island Yankees

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Minor League Sunday: Vermont Lake Monsters @ Staten Island Yankees

Well, I enjoyed my first minor league game so much that I had to do it again! This time my friend Paula and I went to Staten Island to see the Baby Bombers play the Vermont Lake Monsters (Washington Nationals Single-A affiliate).

The Staten Island Yankees play at Richmond County Bank Ballpark, which is just down the street from the Staten Island Ferry Dock. It's a small, single-deck stadium and, I was a little suprised that it was only about half-filled. On the other hand, we had great seats, right behind and just to the right of the Yankee dugout. Several players came out before game time to sign autographs and chat with fans. One women sitting in the front row received hugs from several players and had her picture taken with a few of them. This was very interesting; when the first player did it I assumed she was his mother, but then other players followed suit, making me think that she has season tickets and is in that seat for every game. Several other fans made their way down to the front row to chat with the players as well, and the guys had no problem whatsovever conversing with them. It was fun to watch but also sad, because in a few years, they'll think that doing things like that is beneath them.

Mets fan Paula wondered aloud if, because it's the staid Yankees, there'd be no traditional minor league entertainment like there was at the Cyclones game a few weeks ago. She wasn't totally off-base. While it wasn't as goofy and off-the-wall as it was in Brooklyn, there still was entertainment, including tee-shirts being thrown into the crowd and, in the middle of one inning, huge beach balls tossed around the stands. At times the huge beach balls accidentally slipped into the Yankee dugout and the players simply tossed them back into the stands. If that happened in the Bronx, that would be the end of those beach balls as we know it.

As for the game itself, it was a tight one, but the Yankees won it 2-1. While I sat there watching I had a ton of fun heckling a Lake Monsters player named Tyler Moore. Every time he came up to bat, the theme from the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" played on the PA system. I couldn't keep from laughing as I called him "Mary" and shouted things like "Mr Grant is a Yankee fan!" and "Where's Rhoda?" Though he gave no indication, he probably heard me, too, because I was sitting so close to the field.

So, I had fun at the game and I definitely plan to go back. In fact, I now proudly proclaim myself to be a die-hard Staten Island Yankees fan. Why shouldn't I be? They're headed to the playoffs. That's more than I can say for the team in the Bronx. Gotta get my playoff fix somewhere, right?

(aka, The Lady)

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