LADY AT THE BAT: Sir Sidney Gets The Ball & Gets Along

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sir Sidney Gets The Ball & Gets Along

Sidney Ponson gets to go up against Roy Halladay tonight when the Yankees try to take two out of three from the Toronto Blue Jays. Ponson has helped keep the Yankees extremely slim playoff chances alive.

Ponson has helped. I still can't believe this! But, yes, it's true. He's one of the Yankees best pitchers right now, and, according to Peter Abraham, he's a well-liked teammate, too. He's taking most of the team and several coaches out for crabs this weekend in Baltimore.

What else does Ponson do besides eating crabs? He has a drinking problem, he's been arrested several times, he speaks five languages and he's a big fan of rock music. That can't possibly be all, but it's pretty much all we know, thanks to Ponson's poor career stats and behavior problems. If he'd been a better pitcher and a better citizen earlier in his career, my guess is that we'd know more about him, including his life in Aruba. I've always wanted to know more about Ponson, even before this current renaissance. Why, for instance, does he speak five languages? What are the languages? How many generations does his family go back to in Aruba? How did he get introduced to baseball in that small Caribbean country?

These are things we'd have all the answers to if Sidney Ponson was, say, CC Sabathia. Instead, there are no answers to be found. If Ponson continues to help the Yankees down the stretch, maybe those answers will start coming out of the woodwork.

(aka, The Lady)

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