LADY AT THE BAT: Angels Announcers Call The Yankees Frustrated

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Angels Announcers Call The Yankees Frustrated

After the 6th inning brawl between the Yankees and Angels in Anaheim last night, Angels announcers quickly came to the conclusion that it started because the Yankees are frustrated at being close to elimination from the playoffs. I went to bed and missed most of the game, but I just watched the video and, it seems to me that, the only person on the field who was frustrated last night was Torii Hunter. Click here to watch the video.

It's obvious that Pudge Rodriguez barely touched Hunter and that Hunter overreacted to the entire situation. The video clearly shows that Pudge's attempt (and that's all it really was) to go after Hunter was half-hearted at best. Yet, the Angels announcers felt this attempt was an example of the difference between a "frustrated team and a team going to the playoffs." I don't buy it.

Put a sock in it, Angels announcers.


(aka, The Lady)
[Photo: AP/Kevork Djansezian]


Anonymous said...

Well, the Yanks are indeed frustrated. As a Yankee fan, I certainly am frustrated.

That said, Hunter acted like a pure punk. I'm not fan of Pudge, but I don't believe what he did warranted Hunter's reaction. Plus, Pudge had his back turned when he was shoved, and then Hunter ran away like a little girl before Pudge could turn around and clock him.

Of course, Torii is a girl's name—and a mis-spelled one at that. His middle name should be "Coward".

Bernadette Pasley said...

He has his mother to thank for that spelling. I like it; it's very original, lol!