LADY AT THE BAT: Final Homestand At The Stadium Set To Begin

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Final Homestand At The Stadium Set To Begin

The Yankees limp home from a mediocre 5-5 roadtrip today to prepare for the final homestand of the final season of Yankee Stadium. As a Yankee fan, I'm saddened by this, of course. However, I'm also angry, not so much because the Yankees will not make the playoffs, but because this final homestand is now, rather than at the end of the month as it should be.

The closing of Yankee Stadium is a monumental event and, as such, it shouldn't be happening in the middle of September. What cramped brain at MLB made that decision? The final homestand should be during the final week of the season! The last regular season game of 2008, especially if it's the ESPN Sunday Night Game, should be at Yankee Stadium. What's the problem with scheduling that? They can always pre-empt it if there's a more meaningful game out there. I'd understand that, but to move up the entire homestand by a week and a half is nothing but a big insult, both to the Yankees and their fans. Bad job, MLB.

(aka, The Lady)

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Anonymous said...

Good observation! I thought that MLB did a better job as accenting big events like the retiring of such a historic venue... guess they let this one fall through the cracks.