LADY AT THE BAT: South Bronx Boy Makes Good: Humberto Sanchez

Friday, September 19, 2008

South Bronx Boy Makes Good: Humberto Sanchez

Pitcher Humberto Sanchez grew up in the South Bronx and attended South Bronx High School. Last night he made his Major League debut, pitching the 8th inning at the most famous address in the South Bronx: 161st Street & River Avenue. Yankee Stadium.

I found out all about Humberto when he was traded to the Yankees in November of 2006 in the deal that sent Gary Sheffield to Detroit. I couldn't wait for him to make his first appearance at the Stadium. However, he underwent Tommy John Surgery in 2007 and I was afraid that he wouldn't get the chance to pitch in the old Stadium before it closed.

Although I don't know him, I know that pitching at a Big League Stadium which just happens to be blocks from where you grew up has got to be a really big deal. As a long-time Bronx resident myself, I was proud to learn this morning that he'd gotten into the game (I was working last night so I didn't see it live.).

Humberto hasn't forgotten his roots. A former star of the baseball team at South Bronx HS, he returns to the school each off season to mentor and instruct members of the current baseball team. Great stuff!

Congratulations Humberto Sanchez and here's hoping your success continues at the New Yankee Stadium.

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