LADY AT THE BAT: Carl Crawford Assumes The Worst

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carl Crawford Assumes The Worst

Last night, when the grounds crew at Citizens Bank Park pulled the tarp onto the field, it never crossed my mind that the Rays season might have ended had they not tied the score in the top of the inning. It was an official game at that point and, during a normal regular season game, if something like this rain delay had occurred, there would have been a possibility that the game would have been called had the Rays not scored the tying run. I knew they wouldn't follow this "rule" in the World Series. But, according to "Mike & Mike In The Morning," Carl Crawford didn't know it.

I can't find an article in which he's quoted in saying this, but Mike Greenberg reported this morning that Carl Crawford thought the Rays season would have ended had they not tied the score. (It's not entirely clear but, his teammates might have thought this as well.)

Crawford is too close to the situation. When you're too close to things, you assume the worst. I remember a snowy day one January when I was in high school. I was supposed to take my geometry final that day and, since I hadn't done well in the class all term, I needed to pass the final in order to pass the class. The snow that day was so bad that classes were cancelled at all New York City Public Schools, which hardly ever happens. Well, I was beside myself. I failed the class, I thought. But, of course, that didn't happen. Things were sorted out and I passed geometry.

So Crawford is sleeping easy right now, knowing that his team still has a chance to "pass the class" and move on to Game 6.


Update, 11:24 PM: There is, indeed, an article in which Crawford is quoted as saying he thought the Rays season would be over. Click here to read it. Thanks to Cork at Rays Index.

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