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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Have You Been On The Stadium Tour?

Didn't get a chance to tour Yankee Stadium before it closed? Well, don't fret, Yankee Fans. You have a second chance! The Yankees have resumed the tours and they'll continue until the end of the year.

I took the tour yesterday and it was pretty cool. In addition to Monument Park, it includes a visit to the press box, a walk on the warning track and a chance to hang out in the Yankee Dugout. The tour also (usually) includes a visit to the clubhouse, but players were expected to be coming in at various times to pack up their belongings, so it was off-limits yesterday.

My camera is broken, so I took pictures with my Blackberry, which ran out of space just before I got to the dugout. A total of 5 pictures were worth saving:

Stadium Tour

Before the tour, I took a look at the construction of the new building, and saw an interesting structure going up right next to the current Stadium. Neighborhood residents will remember Macombs Dam Park, which was across the street on the site of the new Stadium. Members of the community were saddened and a bit angry about their park being taken away from them, but now it turns out that the Yankees are making good on their promise to replace the park and it looks like it'll be better than it was before.

The new Macombs Dam Park will be on top of a new 2-story parking garage. It'll be ADA accessible and will have the following amenities:

  • regulation soccer/football field

  • 400 meter running track

  • 10 handball courts

  • 4 basketball courts

  • children's play equipment

  • comfort stations

  • seating areas

  • viewing mounds

  • water fountains

  • trees and other horticulture

Kudos to the Yankees for remembering their neighbors.

If you'll be in the New York area anytime between now and the end of the year, a tour of Yankee Stadium should be on your to-do list. Tours are $20.00 for individual adults and $15.00 for children 14 and under and for seniors 60 and over. There are also group rates and rates for school groups. Call Yankee Stadium for more info: (718) 579-4531.


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