LADY AT THE BAT: Message To Hank Steinbrenner: Just Shut Up!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Message To Hank Steinbrenner: Just Shut Up!

"There is one very important point here. The most important thing to remember is this: If you didn't get it from me or my brother [Hal], it doesn't mean [anything]. I don't care about some piss-ant employee. If you don't get it from me or Hal, it's meaningless..." Hank Steinbrenner [New York Post]

Oh really, Hal? So when Brian Cashman had his press conference after signing his new contract, everything he said that day was meaningless. What you're saying is that Cashman won't have any authority at all. What you're saying is that you're going to be GM.

"I should have pushed harder for the [Johan] Santana deal."

You still don't know anything about young pitchers, do you Hal? Most of them are not lights out in their first full seasons. Look at other teams, especially one right in your backyard which just happens to be in the ALCS right now. It took a few years for the Rays pitching to come into its own. It didn't happen in one season.

"I said that if you treat me fair and honest, I would treat you fair and honest. Those days are over. I told Hal, if you live by the press, you die by the press. I didn't live by my own words."

Your words? Please. You're not the first person to say that, Hank. Anyway, it remains to be seen if you can really live by your "own words." I'll bet you can't even go one month before you have another outburst.

Hank, you are a big, self-important wind bag. You're an embarrassment to the team, an embarrassment to the players and an embarrassment to the fans. I have one message for you Hank: JUST SHUT UP!


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