LADY AT THE BAT: Cold Stove = A-Rod Gossip

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cold Stove = A-Rod Gossip

As the Hot Stove struggles to heat up during these tough economic times, we can rest easy with the knowledge that, at least, there's always Alex Rodriguez.

Today we hear that A-Rod is once again trying to decide which team to play for in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. In the last classic, after much flip-flopping, he ended up playing for the USA;

People are still talkkng about that weird scarf he wore to one of Madonna's concerts; and,

Speaking of Madonna, A-Rod says the two of them are just friends.

The Winter Meetings start on Sunday. Why do I get the feeling we'll still hear more about A-Rod than about what's going on out in Vegas?


1 comment:

P-Cat said...

Yeah, I wish there was more reporting about actual baseball and less about A-Rod Madonna type silliness.