LADY AT THE BAT: Goodbye, Bobby Abreu

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Goodbye, Bobby Abreu

The arbitration deadline came and went yesterday without the Yankees offering arbitration to any free agents. That included Bobby Abreu. Abreu had a good season in 2008 but the Yankees are trying to manage their payroll better so Abreu, who likely would have gotten a pay raise, was sent packing, so to speak.

Abreu's upset, but not so much about not being offered abritration. GM Brian Cashman says the team is still "engaged" with Bobby Abreu, but Abreu's people say that is not true; they have not heard from the team since the season ended. Who's telling the truth?

Abreu is very close to Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera. During one YES postgame interview this past year, he called them his "boys." His "boys" had terrible seasons. Abreu's veteran presence seemed to do nothing to help Melky and Cano. Could the Yankees be thinking that Abreu was a bad influence on them? I think it's entirely possible.



Anonymous said...

I have to say I was very surprised by this move. One year of Abreu at ~$17MM wouldn't be the worse thing in the world. I'm not all that sold on Nady myself.

Robbi and Melk have Jeter and even A-Rod to emulate, preferrably the former as he has been a Yankee his entire career. And he's the Captain. No way should Abreu have had that big of an impact on them.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Jeter's too quiet to make an impact on these two guys. Abreu was always clowning around with them in the dugout and there were several incidents during postgame interviews as well. I know he's gone because of the $17MM he would have gotten, but I can't help but think this was in the back of Cashman's mind as well.