LADY AT THE BAT: Tough Year Ahead For Yankee Fans

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tough Year Ahead For Yankee Fans

With the signing of Mark Teixeira, the Yankees have added fuel to the fires of Yankee-haters around the world. While it looks like it'll be a good year for Yankee fans on the field in 2009, off the field will be another story entirely. Yankees Universe had better make sure there's no trace of thin skin on its body, because things are going to get really bad.

Actually, they already are. Case in point: The charming Lizzy over at the blog Babes Love Baseball wants everyone to know that she's through with baseball. You may or may not know that Lizzy is a die-hard Red Sox fan, though she lives two subway stops away from Yankee Stadium. She has posted another of her anti-Yankee rants and has received over 50 comments in response to it.

I can guarantee that this is only the beginning, Yankee fans. So, get ready. Put on the whole armour of the baseball gods and steel yourself for battle, because it's only going to get worse!


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