LADY AT THE BAT: Remembering A Yankee Fan On MLK Day

Monday, January 19, 2009

Remembering A Yankee Fan On MLK Day

Today is Martin Luther King Day. A year ago on this day I paid my daily visit to Pete Abraham's LoHud Yankees Blog and discovered a new voice in the Yankee blogging community. Well, new to me anyway. Pete was in the midst of his January pinch hitting series, where everyday of the month he puts up a post by a different Yankee blogger. On Martin Luther King Day last year it was Todd Drew's turn.

I didn't know Todd personally, but from what I could tell, he was all about two things: The Yankees and empowering those less fortunate. I believe that was why Pete chose to showcase Todd's post on Martin Luther King Day.

Last Thursday morning, January 15th, the actual birth date of Martin Luther King, Todd Drew passed away from cancer at the age of 41. His memorial service yesterday was attended by a large crowd.

Todd left his mark on everyone he met and even on those he never met, including me. Shortly after I read his post last year, I contacted him and asked to exchange links with him, to which he gladly agreed. A short time later I contacted him and asked him to be one of the first bloggers I spotlighted on my new site. He was on board with the idea until I provided him with more details of what the spotlight entailed. Todd wiggled his way out of the spotlight and I, being the self-centered lady that I am, took it personally. I was angry with him for "blowing me off." I was even angrier when I learned that he'd agreed to contribute to another Yankee blog several months later.

But it was Todd who should have been angry. Angry with me for not seeing what he was all about. Todd Drew wasn't about putting himself in the spotlight. He didn't want the attention on himself. He wanted the spotlight on the people he wrote about on his blog and on the people he helped through his work at the ACLU. I was too self-absorbed to see this until he passed away last week.

Somehow, I think it's fitting that I "met" Todd on MLK Day last year and that, in the days following his passing (MLK's birth date to MLK Day) I finally got to know him. Rest in peace, Todd Drew and, I'm glad I knew you.

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