LADY AT THE BAT: Steve Phillips Moving In With Morgan & Miller

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Steve Phillips Moving In With Morgan & Miller

ESPN was expected to announce today that Steve Phillips will be a member of the "Sunday Night Baseball" team starting this April. I guess the MLB Network has the World Wide Leader thinking there's a possibility that, sooner or later they might not be, at least as far as Major League Baseball is concerned.

According to columnist Neil Best, Phillips will join Joe Morgan and John Miller in the broadcast booth. Morgan and Miller are a Sunday night institution, PC lingo for "They're old." The MLB Network has young guys and gals like Harold Reynolds and Hazel Mae. Can a relatively young Phillips save the ESPN broadcast booth? That remains to be seen.

I like Miller and Morgan, but Phillips has his own brand of humor. When Dan Patrick still had his radio show, he had callers to the show give their height and weight, after which he'd sound a boxing ring bell. Pros and ESPN personalities didn't get this treatment. It was only for Joe Fan. One day, Phillips called in to give his expert opinion and, before he said anything, he said, "Hi, guys, 6' 2", 190." Seconds later listeners heard that familiar "ping." I was listening at work that day and my co-workers gave me strange looks when I threw back my head in laughter.

Will I be throwing my head back in laughter on Sunday nights this coming baseball season?


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Nancy said...

I just want to know, what are his credentials? Court Jester? It's cetainly not baseball knowledge. Talk about running Sunday night baseball.