LADY AT THE BAT: Teixeira Says Hello, Pettitte Says Goodbye

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Teixeira Says Hello, Pettitte Says Goodbye

Tyler Kepner is reporting that Andy Pettitte has turned down the Yankees' one-year $10 million deal. This comes on the same day that Mark Teixeira met the New York Media for the first time since signing his 8-year deal with the team.

The Yankees have thrown the bank at Teixeira, CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett this off-season while offering Pettitte nothing more than a pay-cut. Sounds to me like they never wanted Pettitte back in the first place. So, why not tell him, rather than low-balling him like that? Probably because they wanted to keep him as an alternative in case they couldn't sign CC or AJ.

I never wanted Pettitte back. I think he's past his prime. I will say this however: He's a true Yankee. Today at his press conference, Mark Teixeira put on his new Yankee jersey (#25), posed for pictures, answered questions, and as soon as the formal part of the press conference was over, off came the jersey. He put his suit jacket back on, folded his hands in front of him and, like a good Scott Boras client, conducted himself in a very business-like manner. Can you see Andy Pettitte doing something like that? I can't.



Anonymous said...

I think Andy is a solid veteran who would fill the 4th slot in the rotation well so I kind of do want him back.

I also feel that 10 mil is about right for his services. Who would pay more than that for a 4th starter? I think if he gets a better deal he should take it but I think the Yankees have him priced correctly.

And agreed on Tex. He seems very formal! As long as he does his job, though, I guess there are enough characters in that clubhouse to keep me entertained, lol!

Bernadette Pasley said...

Andy actually backed himself into a corner by saying during the season that it was Yankees or bust, now he can't seem to accept "bust." Or, his agents can't seem to accept it. Who knows...

Anonymous said...

Agreed.I hope he wouldn't let his agents exert that much control over these negotiations but I suppose that's what they are paid to handle.

Either way I want the Yankees to go into ST with their rotation fully complete. That way the kids can hone their skills in the minors and be ready for a call up when injuries, inevitably, occur.

All this to say that if Andy doesn't come around soon Cash and Co should move along.