LADY AT THE BAT: 2009 Yankee Preview: The Infield

Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 Yankee Preview: The Infield

The big question about the 2009 Yankee infield has less to do with anything going on between the white foul lines than with what's going on outside of them: Alex Rodriguez and his steroid scandal. If he has a bad year as a result of not being able to deal with the fallout from it, the Yankees, by extension could end up having a less than spectacular year as a whole. Here's a closer look at the Yankee infield:

  • Robinson Cano: 26, Left/Right, coming off a bad year in which he hit only .271 after being a .300 hitter the first 3 seasons of his career Accused of not taking the game seriously. Looking for a bounce-back year.
  • Derek Jeter: 34, Right/Right, range isn't what it used to be but still a good defender and a consistently good hitter. Keyword- intangibles.
  • Alex Rodriguez: 33, Right/Right, still thought of as the best player in the game. It remains to be seen whether or not he'll put the steroid scandal behind.
  • Mark Teixeira: 28, Switch/Right, historically a slow starter. Outstanding at first base. Outstanding bat. Expected to be a force in the middle of the lineup. Question: How will he adjust to New York?

Non-Roster Invitees:

  • Doug Bernier: 28, Right/Right
  • Angel Berroa: 31, Right/Right
  • Shelley Duncan: 29, Right/Right
  • Justin Leone: 32, Right/Right
  • Eduardo Nunez: 21, Right/Right
  • Ramiro Pena: 23, Switch/Right
  • Kevin Russo: 24, Right/Right
  • Cody Ransom: 33, Right/Right
  • Juan Miranda: 25, Left/Left

The only other issue to ponder, besides A-Rod, is whether or not Cano will bounce back and have a more representative season. The experts still believe he can win a batting title someday and that he's a potential Gold Glove second baseman. I agree.

If this entire infield lives up to its potential it will add a ton of hits, RBIs and runs to the line-up and will be fantastic defensively, both up the middle and at the corners.


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