LADY AT THE BAT: More To Come From Selena Roberts

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More To Come From Selena Roberts

From The New York Observer: SI's Selena Roberts will have more revelations about Alex Rodriguez's steroid use in her upcoming book. This statement from the book's editor:

“The book is still a work in progress. I assure you she has more drug revelations as well as other news. Not everything that Selena has on A-Rod’s steroid participation has come out yet.”

Alex might have thought he was in the clear (no pun intended) when Congress announced that he wouldn't have to appear before them. Elijah Cummings surely would have asked things like "Where did the steroids come from?" and, "Who supplied them to you?" Now that information (or allegations of such) might be forthcoming in Roberts' book. Which would be worse: Roberts or Cummings? These days, it's hard to say. The saga continues...


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