LADY AT THE BAT: Official Scorer's Decision: Ground Rule Double

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Official Scorer's Decision: Ground Rule Double

Alex Rodriguez took a swing at that spitball yesterday and the ball bounced onto the warning track and into the seats. Score that a ground rule double.

Here's why I scored it as such:

-He admited he used performance-enhancing drugs.
-He refused to criticize the union for not having destroyed the test results.
-He stated that he was not interested in who the other 103 name on the list are.

That should be enough to score the hit a home run. But, wait. Here's what else he said:

-He didn't know exactly what PEDs he took during those years (01-03)
-He didn't say where he got those PEDs.
-He lay in bed one morning during Spring Training in '03 and just decided to stop taking PEDs.

So Alex is standing on second base now. Will he remain there or will he do what he can to score? I guess we won't find out until five years after he retires.


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