LADY AT THE BAT: A-Rod Faces The Music Tomorrow

Monday, February 16, 2009

A-Rod Faces The Music Tomorrow

Alex Rodriguez arrives in Tampa tomorrow and one of the first things he will do is have a 1:30 PM press conference to talk about his steroid use. This will finally put the issue to rest.

Or, will it?

I don't think so, and I don't say that because I don't think Alex can have the good year that will make people forget about it. I say it because the actions of two people could derail any hopes of that happening:

Selena Roberts-- The release date of her book has been moved up to some time in April. Her publisher says she'll reveal more about Alex's steroid use.

Derek Jeter-- As I write this, Jeter still has not issued a statement about all of this. Anything he says about the situation can make or break things, as far as how the fans support Alex.

Whatever Roberts reveals and whatever Jeter says (or does not say) could have a devastating impact on Alex Rodriguez. This isn't the same as Madonna and the divorce. Nor is it the same as associating with a muscle-bound stripper in Toronto. Those things were off-the-field incidents which did not distract Alex. But steroids are a totally different animal. They raise questions about his career and about his legacy.

If the Roberts book further dis-credits him and/or if Derek Jeter fails to publicly support him, Alex Rodriguez could, indeed, be affected by this distraction that he caused for himself. By extension, it could also affect his teammates and lead to a disappointing 2009 season for the New York Yankees.


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Anonymous said...

I doubt Jeter is going to say anything that is going to inflame the passion of the fans and media. He'll be his usual robotic self.

As for putting an end to this, I think that is all up to Arod. If he dances around questions they will not go away.