LADY AT THE BAT: Whose Side Will Jeter Come Down On?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whose Side Will Jeter Come Down On?

Joe Torre's book, The Yankee Years, comes out today, and with it, the following question needs to be asked: Will Derek Jeter finally step up and support Alex Rodriguez?

Wallace Matthews has a great piece up today over at Newsday's website which asks that very question. He answers it by saying he doesn't know what Jeter will do but he thinks that the Captain of the Yankees should support Alex Rodriguez this time around. I agree. If not now, when?

Joe Torre is a father figure to Jeter. But he's no longer the manager of the New York Yankees. Alex Rodriguez is still the the Third Baseman for the New York Yankees. He's Jeter's teammate and, as such, should be defended, whether or not Jeter agrees with what his precious "Mr T" thinks, feels or writes. Like Matthews says, Jeter needs to say "Alex is my teammate and I got his back."

I have a sinking feeling that Jeter will do no such thing. Don't ask me why, I just do. He's never lifted a finger to help Alex since the guy came to New York in '04 and I can't imagine that a book will make him act any differently. My admiration for Jeter started to wane in '04 when I saw how vindictive he can be and I have a feeling it's going to disappear totally in the very near future.


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