LADY AT THE BAT: Austin Jackson: A Glimpse Of The Future?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Austin Jackson: A Glimpse Of The Future?

While the centerfield competition between the Yankees' Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner continued last night, another centerfielder reminded Yankees Universe that this competition might be for a job that will last only for a season. Austin Jackson's grand slam in the 8th inning was like a wake-up call to everyone involved with the team, from fans to personnel. It was as if he were saying to Cabrera and Gardner: "Hold my spot, boys. I'm comin'."

Austin, whose nickname is A-Jax, is the Yankees' top prospect and, as such, it appears that the Yankees are handling him with kid gloves. Unlike Melky Cabrera, who was rushed through the system, Austin is being moved along slowly and carefully. He played at AA Trenton last year and will likely play at AAA Scranton this year. While there, he needs to work on being a more consistent hitter and cut down on his strikeouts. As for the other parts of his game, he has good speed, he's a good defender, has above-average range and he has a good arm. If he improves with the bat, look for him to be among the September call-ups this year.

Good luck, A-Jax.

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