LADY AT THE BAT: Gardner Wins, Melky Hangs Around

Monday, March 30, 2009

Gardner Wins, Melky Hangs Around

Now that Brett Gardner has won the Yankee centerfield job we will get an answer to the following question: Can he hit Major League pitching?

Everyone agrees that he plays a good centerfield, is speedy and can steal a ton a bases. What about his offense? He showed improvement with the bat at the end of last season and had a tremendous offensive Spring Training. Will he be able to sustain that as pitchers come into their own? That remains to be seen.

Melky Cabrera is out of options. The Yankees appear reluctant to put him on waivers, for fear that he'll be claimed by another team. Even if he were not out of options, I doubt they would trade him without waiting to see if Gardner can sustain what he accomplished this Spring. Joe Girardi said it best:

"Melky is going to have a lot of important things for us. There's a lot of things Melky can do. He's a switch-hitter, we can put him anywhere in the outfield and he can run. What happens April 6 doesn't necessarily mean that's what's going to happen June 1st."



Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I guess we'll see if Gardy can handle the majors. If he can't I guess Melky will go back. If Melky continues to disappoint they'll make a trade or call up Ajax.

Bernadette Pasley said...

I doubt A-Jax would be an option this year, other than as a September call-up.