LADY AT THE BAT: Mild-Mannered Yankees On The Hot Seat

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mild-Mannered Yankees On The Hot Seat

Two mild-mannered men with ties to the Yankees are being singled out today as being anything but mild-mannered:

A woman in Puerto Rico is claiming that Bernie Williams hit her when she tried to take his picture in a nightclub at 2:30 this morning.

Brian Cashman is denying (angrily, I might add) that he yelled the following at a TV in the Yankee Clubhouse: “'Jason, whatever you were taking in Oakland,' get back on it. " The author of a new book about Roger Clemens claims that this actually happened, citing a Yankee player in whom he has 100 percent confidence.

I don't know Bernie Williams, but from everything I've heard, hitting a woman is not something he would ever do. As for Brian Cashman, I cannot for a minute imagine him yelling at a TV. One thing should be kept in mind for both of these cases: Memory is selective. People remember what they want to remember, and what they remember isn't necessarily what happened. That is especially true in a nightclub at 2:30 am.

I'm not sure if we will find out what really happened at the nightclub. I'm almost sure that we'll never know what really happened in the Yankee clubhouse that day. I am sure of this, however: The images of Brian Cashman and Bernie Williams have taken hits (however small they may be) that can never be reversed.


Update, 12:23 PM: Bernie's response to the complaint.

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