LADY AT THE BAT: A-Rod's Torn Labrum: A Sign Of Extreme Stress

Friday, March 6, 2009

A-Rod's Torn Labrum: A Sign Of Extreme Stress

Alex Rodriguez began having problems with his hip during last season. According to the New York Post, Brian Cashman was asked why the problems weren't addressed during the off-season. His answer was that Alex was given an MRI last April, which showed "incidental finding of an irregularity in his right hip. It was asymptomatic, no complaints of pain, no complaints of anything. It goes into the file and you keep your eyes and ears open."

Alex has been through a lot in the past 27 days. Most of it is his own fault, of course. He's put a lot of stress on himself. But, stress is stress, whether he puts on himself or someone else puts it on him. I'm not claiming to be a medical expert, but I'm inclined to believe that all that he's gone through in the past month has made that hip problem flare up, become worse, so that now it's as bad as it is.

I was hoping the Yankees would opt for surgery for Alex. But they're going to try to rehab it first. If more controversy is on the way, this will prove to have been a very bad idea.


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