LADY AT THE BAT: What Will Jeter Batting Leadoff Lead To?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Will Jeter Batting Leadoff Lead To?

Derek Jeter's bruised pinkie isn't keeping him out of the lineup for today's Spring Training game. He's in that game and will be in a lot more before all is said and done in his career. Whether he'll be batting leadoff in all of those games will remain to be seen.

Jeter's lifetime OBP is .387, whereas Johnny Damon's is .354. Not much of a difference there if you ask me, but Jeter's approach at the plate lends itself to getting on base more than Damon's cut-and-slash-break-your-bat style. Also, I've been reading and hearing that Jeter batting leadoff would create a better potential for scoring runs if Brett Gardner is inserted into the ninth spot.

So, his offensive future might be in the leadoff spot. What does the future hold for Jeter defensively? Bill Madden's been singing the praises of Ramiro Pena lately. Pena, who's always been a good shortstop, has come on strong with the bat this Spring. Jeter's range may continue to decrease and next year will be the last year of his current contract. If Pena can maintain his offensive progress, the Yankees will be forced to seriously consider moving Derek Jeter out of the infield.


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Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I don't think it's the smartest thing to listen to Bill Madden when it comes to young players. He's kind of lost. Pena is good with the glove, but very few people are expecting much with his bat. If he surprised people then maybe he would get a chance, but that's a very big long shot.