LADY AT THE BAT: 2009 AL Predictions

Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 AL Predictions

This is my 2009 look at the American League.

The Oakland A's made some minor improvements over the off-season but I don't think it will be enough to knock the Angels off of their heavenly perch. If the Mariners can get over all of their in-fighting they could have a decent year. The Rangers still don't have what it takes to get out of the cellar. The AL West:


Baseball will be fun to watch in the Central Division this year. All five teams have solid players. The Royals finished fourth last year because of Detroit's total ineptitude, but they do have the potential to go a second-straight season without finishing in the cellar. Cleveland was the popular choice to win the division last year and I still think they can do that this year. The AL Central:

White Sox

The best division in all of baseball will be pressure packed all season long, both for the teams and for the fans of these teams. All eyes will be on the Rays, Red Sox and Yankees, but the Orioles are never pushovers and the Blue Jays will certainly hold their own all season long. As for the big three, a lot hinges on the bullpen of the Rays. Can it duplicate what it did last year? The Red Sox bullpen is very good but the Yankees' is even better. Other than that, all three teams seem pretty equal. The AL East:

Red Sox
Tampa Bay
Blue Jays

Wild Card: Red Sox

Penant: Yankees


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