LADY AT THE BAT: Casual Friday: First Week Of The Show

Friday, April 10, 2009

Casual Friday: First Week Of The Show

The Yankees are all about the pinstripes, in every sense of the word. The rest of MLB is more casual. Today I start a season-long Friday series called Casual Friday, in which I take a quick look around the rest of Major League Baseball.

* The Rangers swept the Indians this week, beating both Cliff Lee and Carl Pavano in the process. Beating Pavano doesn't say a lot. Beating Cliff Lee might not being saying much either. After not doing much during his career, Lee had a breakout year last year, winning the Cy Young Award. He had a terrible Spring Training this year and bombed in his first start this week. Could we be looking at a One-Year-Wonder here?

* It was business as usual for Kyle Farnsworth this week. He failed to hold a lead for his new team, the Royals. Yes, it was only the first game. But given his history, it would seem hard for the Royals and their fans to say that and to really feel optimistic about the rest of Farnsworth's tenure with the team.

* Ichiro was cleared to take batting practice this week and went 7 for 10 in minor league intrasquad games. The ulcer appears to be fading away. Why did he get it in the first place? Perhaps if he gave more profanity-laden motivational speeches throughout the year, instead of just during the All-Star Game, he could have prevented this. It's called venting, right?

* The Diamondbacks' Brandon Webb just wanted to put his mind at ease. Talks about a contract extension stalled and it was rumored that the team was concerned about Webb's shoulder. The team is worried they won't be able to get insurance for him because of it. Webb says he took the matter into his own hands and got himself checked out by Dr James Andrews who gave him a clean bill of health. This should put the Diamondbacks at ease. After all, this is simple compared to the case Dontrelle Willis, who we learned recently has anxiety caused by a blood disorder. More likely it's the Tigers who have the blood disorder. The blood is green and its platelets have insurance policy numbers on them.

Enjoy the rest of The Show and have a great holiday weekend everyone!


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