LADY AT THE BAT: Doug Glanville: Hope For The World Through Baseball

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Doug Glanville: Hope For The World Through Baseball

As a Yankee fan my most vivid memory of Doug Glanville is as a member of the Phillies back in the late '90s. During interleague play when the Phillies played the Yankees, TV announcers never failed to bring up the fact that Glanville was an Ivy League grad, having attended the University of Pennsylvania and that he had written a thesis about a baseball topic. (I no longer remember the exact topic.)

Today Glanville is involved in various business activities and contributes articles and op-ed pieces to newspapers. This morning I read a really interesting op-ed piece he wrote for The New York Times. He talks about his upbringing in racially and culturally diverse Teaneck, NJ, his experiences as a Major Leaguer and how both have shaped his opinion about diversity in the game. To read it click here.


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