LADY AT THE BAT: Oakland Is A Contender This Year?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oakland Is A Contender This Year?

A lot of people, including myself, played it safe this year and picked the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to win the AL West. But there were a few people out there who predicted that the Oakland Athletics would be in the race to win this little 4-team division.

Based on what I saw from them last night against the Yankees, however, I'm thinking those people might be off their rockers. A's pitchers only gave up 5 runs, few enough to keep their team in the game. But they were unable to make up deficits to get past the Yankees. They have the same problem they had last year: not enough offense.

Meanwhile Brett Gardner seems to be figuring out the offensive side of his game. Looks like he might stick in the Big Leagues after all. He certainly has solidified his defensive game:

Casual Mention: If the Texas Rangers had pitching to go along with all their hitting, I'd give them the nod as the team to give the Angels a run for their money this year. Their bats kept Roy Halladay from getting his 4th win last night.


[Photo: A/P]


P-Cat said...

I really hope Gardner hits enough for the Yankees to keep him in CF. He fields out there like no one the Yankees have had in a long time and is a threat on the bases like no one else they have. They need someone like him on their team. Brett, please just bat .270!

Free Sports Betting said...

I doubt the A's will be in the running to win the AL West.