LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Playing A Familiar Tune

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yankees Playing A Familiar Tune

There’s something alarmingly familiar going on with the Yankees in this young 2009 season: Last night Yankee hitters left 17 runners on base. On Monday, Opening Day, they left 20 runners on.

This was a frustrating trend for this team all last season. A team that was supposed to score a ton of runs was consistently unable to get the big hit to drive in the big run. Will this be the norm in 2009? Well, there have been only two games, against one team, so at this point it’s too early to tell. But it is alarming just the same. If they had gotten half the LOB runners in from each of those games they would probably have won those games. I’m guessing that Mark Teixeira being 1 for 9 in the 3 hole and Matsui no better batting cleanup has a lot to do with it.

Teixeira might have better luck once he gets away from the boo birds in Baltimore. (Come on. Did they really expect him to sign with the Orioles?) Matsui is a streaky hitter. Yankee fans are hoping he starts one of those streaks this afternoon in the series finale.


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