LADY AT THE BAT: Casual Friday: Bans, Deaths & Births (So To Speak)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Casual Friday: Bans, Deaths & Births (So To Speak)

The Yankees are all about the pinstripes, in every sense of the word. The rest of MLB is more casual. This is the latest post in a Friday series called Casual Friday, in which I take a quick look around the rest of Major League Baseball.

* Manny Ramirez says he took HCG, a women's fertility drug, for a "personal health issue," not to use as a PED. The drug is often prescribed to men for a number of different conditions, including male infertility. Perhaps Manny wasn't looking to gain an unfair advantage while performing on the field, but rather a level playing field while performing in the bedroom. If so, was he so embarrassed about having to seek medical attention for personal performance problems that he didn't appeal a 50 game suspension?

* Baseball lost two more of its own this week: Dom DiMaggio and Danny Ozark. DiMaggio, a younger brother of Yankee great Joe DiMaggio was 92. Dom was a 5-feet 9-inch bespectacled outfielder who played for the Red Sox in the 1940s. He took a lot of flack for his size as Dustin Predroia does today. But Predroia's talent seems to be closer to that of Joe D's than Dom's was. Danny Ozark was a long-time Phillies manager who'd never played a day in the Majors. Which brings me to my next point:

* Ozark never played a day in the Majors, but AJ Hinch has never managed on any level in professional baseball. In fact, he's never even coached at any level. A baby. Yet, he is expected to be named the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks this week. Doug Melvin was fired yesterday. What is GM Josh Byrnes thinking? I guess Eric Byrnes wasn't available.

That's all I got for you today. Don't forget to tune into LATB Radio this Sunday at 11PM Eastern for a special Mother's Day Show.

Until next weekend, ladies and gentlemen.


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