LADY AT THE BAT: Casual Friday: To Argue Or Not To Argue

Friday, May 29, 2009

Casual Friday: To Argue Or Not To Argue

The Yankees are all about the pinstripes, in every sense of the word. The rest of MLB is more casual. This is the latest post in a Friday series called Casual Friday, in which I take a quick look around the rest of Major League Baseball.

These days it seems that all I am able to do are these Casual Friday posts. I don't want to re-name the blog Casual Friday, however, so going forward, I will try my best to post more during the week.
* Umpire Todd Tichenor ejected both catchers and both managers during yesterday's Red Sox-Twins game. He ejected Twins catcher Mike Redmond for arguing a call made on a play at the plate and Twins manager Ron Gardenhire for arguing after Redmond's ejection. Later, he ejected Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek for arguing balls and strikes and Red Sox manager Terry Francona for arguing after Varitek's ejection. Did Tichenor over-react? Is he incompetent? NO!! As I said in my previous post below, Varitek's and Francona's ejections were for arguing balls and strikes. Last time I checked, doing that is grounds for an automatic ejection.
* Carlos Zambrano was suspended 6 games and fined an undisclosed amount for his inappropriate and violent actions while arguing a play at the plate the other day. Zambrano, the Cubs number 1 starter, was foolish for getting himself thrown out of a close game and for consequently begin suspended. That being said, his performance that day has to go down as one of the best in MLB history.
* The All-Star Game candidacy of Manny Ramirez is gaining steam, thanks, in part to this website. Here's the argument (or, perceived one): The media thinks Manny should not be voted in and the fans think he should. This is according to the media. I have one question: Since when does the media speak for me? There is absolutely no way that I want to see Manny Ramirez in the All-Star Game. I am sick and tired of the media insulting my intelligence. They're painting fans with a broad brush with all of their condescending statements that make fans sound like imbeciles. Performance-enhancing drugs are a huge problem in MLB and I want them eliminated.
So there!
That's all for this week, ladies and gentlemen. Don't forget to tune in to LATB Radio this Sunday night at 10PM Eastern. My special guest will be switch pitcher Pat Venditte.


Libby said...

Joe Torre appears to have the same opinion as many of the fans--Manny shouldn't be in the all-star game. I also found it interesting that I read that Torre believes Manny feels the same way. If Manny plays in the all-star game, I think the past-time may suffer a huge blow. But Manny has declined his invite before. He seems to have handled a majority of the last month or so with class. I do give him some credit.

Traveling Baseball Babes said...

I found your site through the Confessions of a She-Fan blog and I wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading. I do agree with you that Manny should in no way be sent to the All Star game. The one thing I do have to say on the subject is that I feel like there are a ton of fans out there that aren't as smart as you are. For example, for years David Ortiz has been voted to play first base for the AL team while real first basemen like Justin Morneau are relegated to back up or don't make it at all! I find that a lot of times, fans simply vote for the players they know about and not for the players who deserve it. Please understand that I do not mean that everyone does this. Just enough people that it warrants a comment.


Bernadette Pasley said...

You're absolutely right, Serena, and it's too bad that fans do that. They give the rest of us a bad name in the media.