LADY AT THE BAT: Do The Yankees Have A Pinch Pie-Thrower?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do The Yankees Have A Pinch Pie-Thrower?

AJ Burnett hasn't won a game in seven starts. He says he knows why and he'll be able to fix it when he goes to the mound tonight against the Texas Rangers. If he doesn't, I think it'll be time for a pinch pie-thrower.

During those seven winless starts Burnett began the Yankee tradition of walk-off pie-throwing. I don't have a problem with the pie-throwing itself. I do have a problem with the media making such a big deal about it. I have an even bigger problem with someone who's performing so poorly being the one throwing the pies.

So if Burnett can't turn himself around, I want to see someone else throwing the pie after the next walk-off win. I don't want to see Burnett's lanky frame racing by. Let Robinson Cano sneak up behind the game's hero wearing his trademark grin and dancing eyes.

On the other hand, if Burnett wins, he can carry on as usual. Better yet, if he pitches a complete game, why not beat him at his own game? I'd definitely pay to see that.


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