LADY AT THE BAT: Lonn Trost: Yankees' Problems In A Nutshell

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lonn Trost: Yankees' Problems In A Nutshell

Yankees Chief Operating Officer Lonn Trost sums up everthing that is wrong with the Yankees right now. Why? He has no regard for the everyday fan.

At a press conference yesterday to announce the sale of memorabilia from the old Stadium, Tross said the team had no plans to change their policy of not allowing fans access to the premium level of the park during batting practice: '“If you purchased a suite, do you want people in your suite?” Trost said, referencing the pricey Legends Suites that are closest to the field. “If you purchased a house, do you want people in your house?”' []

First there was the botched ticket relocation program. Then came the empty Legends Suites and admission that they're too expensive in today's economy. Then there was Ticketgate. Now Lonn Trost seems to be telling fans that he, and by extension, the Yankees could care less that things like this happen. The rich are all that matter. Everyday fans can go scratch themselves where the sun doesn't shine.



Libby said...

Sigh. The rich only get richer. Unfortunately, at this point I can only afford bleacher tickets--and that is pretty much right when they go on sale, then the sales price goes up on ebay, and it makes it even harder. Thanks a lot Officer Lonn Trost for caring about us little people.

Anonymous said...

Loon Trust is typical of the elitist Wal Steet snobs that have run this county into the ground with their ridiculous pay & bonuses and he will do the same with the stadium!
I remember a time when the crowd Yelled " Steinbrenner S**Ks!!"..They should ALL scream " Trost S**Ks" now!

Felix in NJ

Anonymous said...

Great news article in that goes into detail on the new " Taj Mahal" Yankee stadium and other new MLB stadiums that raises the possibility they can fail in attendance if not built right.
" Yankee Stadium's Ugly Start
Cheap Home Runs, Empty Seats and Lopsided Losses Have Some Asking, 'Can a Stadium Fail?'"
Felix in NJ

Bernadette Pasley said...

Well, they've now amended the policy to allow fans to get closer during batting practice. Let's see if they take any further steps toward being fan friendly.