LADY AT THE BAT: 105 and Counting

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

105 and Counting

As of last night, 105 home runs have been hit at the new Yankee Stadium. At this rate, the old record for home runs hit in a single season at a single stadium will surely be obliterated.

So, what's the deal here? Why is it happening, how bad is it and what should be done about it? Well, let's see.

Why: Who knows? The Stadium's dimensions are exactly the same as the ones at the old Stadium. The seats are not as close, however; they don't hang over the field (taking away that particular advantage for the Yankees). I've also heard that the field itself is about 30 feet higher at the new park than it was at the old one. Another possible factor are the outer walls in left field and in right center field. There aren't any. If you've ever been on a southbound subway train heading toward the Stadium, you'll know what I'm talking about. The "walls" there are actually huge metal screens through which people can peer through, albeit with difficulty.

How bad it is: It's bad, if you ask me. The media has once again insulted (Yankee) fans by saying that we don't care. Yes, it's fun to watch all the home runs, but honestly, by the time Johnny Damon had hit the go-ahead home run last night I was tired of it. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad the Yankees took the lead, and I understand that Andy Sonnenstine doesn't walk people; he's usually around the plate. But, at that point in the game, doing it via the homer sort of cheapens it. The whole thing was a little embarrassing.

What should be done about it: Nothing, yet. Let it play out for an entire season. That's what the Yankees are going to do and it makes sense. Unlike those in the media who would have you think otherwise by talking about future pitching signings and the like, something will be done about this before the 2010 season gets underway. If not, I'll be shocked.

In other news, Baby Clutch Gets A Treat! Congratulations to the Melkman, Melky Cabrera, for winning the Pepsi Clutch Performer Award for the month of May.


Traveling Baseball Babes said...

Hey Bernadette,
I agree with you that the Yankees should allow this season to play out. You can't really figure out exactly what's going on with the new stadium until they tear down the old one. Hopefully once all of that is taken care of, the solution to the problem will unveil itself.

Bernadette Pasley said...

I'm hearing the Mets have the opposite problem. Place is too big. Go figure.

Libby said...

Did they maybe build the field in the wrong direction, so the wind carries it out instead of pushing it in?

Also--Today, I toured phillies stadium, which is considered a homerun ball park as well. They let it go for a year or two, and then they pushed the wall back 5 feet further. I don't know how much it changed things. I suggest the yankees leave it---if they do what the phillies did they will lose hundred seats at least--and then tickets will get even more expensive. Boo.

I also personally like seeing the homeruns--haha.

Bernadette Pasley said...

The field's in the same direction it was in the old Stadium. I don't think they should start moving the walls around until they figure out what the problem is. If they move them before they know, the balls still might fly out.

Yeah, you're right, Libby, the seats would get even more expensive.:(