LADY AT THE BAT: Coke Is Flat: Phil Not Refreshing For Yanks

Monday, June 1, 2009

Coke Is Flat: Phil Not Refreshing For Yanks

Yesterday reliever Phil Coke was flat coming out of the pen for the Yankees. Again. A walk he issued led to the winning run in the game against the Indians in Cleveland.

After the game he blamed home plate umpire Jeff Nelson for the walk, saying he usually gets the call when he makes that particular pitch in that location. Where? In the Major Leagues? This is only Coke's first full season in the Majors. Surely, he doesn't think he'll be treated like a veteran that soon! This year the guy has a 4.79 ERA, 9 walks and 12 strike outs in 20.2 innings pitched. Not outstanding by any stretch.

I would say that Coke should keep his mouth shut, but I guess I would sound old. In this, the age of Sportscenter, Joba Mania and the like, young players say and do what they wish, whenever and wherever they want, no matter how flat and unrefreshing it is.


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