LADY AT THE BAT: Is Alfredo Aceves Ramiro Mendoza, Or Not?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is Alfredo Aceves Ramiro Mendoza, Or Not?

The Yankees like to think of Alfredo Aceves as a 2009 version of Ramiro Mendoza. Mendoza was a jack of all trades on those late '90s Yankee championship teams, appearing as a starter and as both a long and short reliever for the team.

When Aceves relieved CC Sabathia in the second inning of Sunday night's game against the Marlins in Florida, I was expecting a Mendoza-like long relief outing. Instead, Joe Girardi pulled Aceves after 2 and 2/3 innings, in favor of Brett Tomko who eventually let the game get out of hand. Aceves had given up only 1 hit and had struck out a batter. He didn't appear to be fatigued at all. "Fatigued" seems to be a controversial word in Yankees Universe these days. Questions arose as to whether Alex Rodriguez really was fatigued after he was seen at a South Beach night club with Kate Hudson over the weekend. Did they not want another "fatigued" player on their hands?

Seriously, though, if Alfredo Aceves really is today's Ramiro Mendoza, why not let him pitch another inning or two Sunday night? Why not leave him in and give yourself a chance to win, rather than a chance to lose with Brett Tomko. Tomoko has been anything but lights out this season, and Aceves has been lights out. I know that hindsight is 20/20, but the stats speak for themselves. If you're going to call Aceves Ramiro Mendoza, treat him like Ramiro Mendoza.


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